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Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

What is a chiropractic treatment? A chiropractic treatment is when Dr. Aikey or another trained chiropractor uses their hands or instruments to manipulate or adjust areas of a joint that are not moving correctly. In some cases, you might hear or feel a “pop” during adjustment. This “pop” is merely gas leaving the joint. This is perfectly normal and not a harm to you at all. However, you do not experience to have this “pop” to have a successful chiropractic treatment. Your chiropractic treatment may include soft tissue work, stretching, or proscribed exercises. The soft tissue work and stretching is either performed with a soft tissue tool or Dr. Aikey's hands. This soft tissue work and stretching is vital for your healing process because it helps to re-train your muscles so that your adjustments hold longer. This also helps to relieve the muscle tension in your body. Exercises are vital for you to improve your overall health and to decrease your treatment time. What adjusting techniques are available?


Dr. Aikey is well versed in a variety of chiropractic techniques. The techniques that Dr. Johna is well versed in are Activator, Basic, Diversified, Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Method, Myofascial Release, and Thompson. Each of these techniques have their own benefits, which means that in many cases, you may be treated with several techniques in one visit. The diversity of these clinics allow Dr. Aikey to treat everyone in the family, from your infant to your great grandmother.



Diversified is also known as the “pop” method. In this case, Dr. Aikey will adjust areas of joint dysfunction using her hands. This is sometimes considered a heavier type of technique, but it can be used on the young and old alike.

Activator Method

Activator method is commonly known as the “popper” by many of my patients. With this technique, I will use the instrument to adjust you rather than my hands. This method is a lighter force technique and allows me to put movement into one joint at a time. This technique is great for the first timer, the infant, the great grandmother, and those who hate to be “popped.” Logan Basic Technique is another lighter force technique. In this, the doctor relaxes the hypertonic sacrotuberous ligament to help adjust the entire spine. Because it is a very light technique, it is ideal for young children and pregnant women.


Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Method (IASTM) is when Dr. Aikey will use a soft tissue tool to help relieve muscle tension so that you can heal more quickly. This technique also increases the blood flow to the skin, so you may experience some redness or light bruising with this. This is completely normal and is vital for your healing.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is another type of soft tissue work. This type of care helps to relieve muscle tension, which you may hear described as “knots in the muscle.” This method also increases blood flow to the surface, so you may experience redness or bruising in the area. Thompson is a type of adjusting technique. In this type of technique, the table will drop down while the doctor applies a lighter contact to the area of joint dysfunction. This technique is ideal for those who cannot lay on their side or back for adjustments, but need a stronger adjustment technique rather than Activator or Basic.

Dr. Aikey, is well versed in many therapies. These therapies include cupping, electrical stimulation, kinesiology taping, various soft tissue methods, rehabilitation exercises, and ultrasound. Each of these have their own benefit, and are used when necessary. if you have any questions about how these therapies work or are performed, please feel free to ask Dr. Aikey.
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